Factory Cigarette Socket Lighting Upgrade for all 00-02 Crown Victorias!

      In this tech article, I outline how to upgrade all 2000 to 2002 Crown Victorias with the 1995-1999 factory cigarette lighter lighting accessory. The following items will be needed for this upgrade:

     -   Cigarette lighter harness from a 1995-1999 Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis
     -   Tools: Flat-blade Screwdriver, Thick rubber wrench handle.

In the 1995 through 1999 model years of the Crown Victoria, Ford had a light mounted to the side of the cigarette lighter fixture which was powered from the "interior illumination circuit." When activated by the headlight switch, this light would illuminate the inside of the cigarette lighter socket. I can assume the original purpose of this was to illuminate the hole so the driver or passenger could easily locate the power socket in the dark. As best I can tell, they eliminated this entire light as part of the harness in the end of the 1999 model year. It's a rather silly upgrade, but if you're in the junkyard and you have a few minutes, it's a neat feature to add which won't take much time to install.

Installation is fairly easy, you can also use these instructions for removing the desired harness from the junkyard vehicle too.

Step 1 - Remove the dash trim insert. This is the wood panelled insert that sits below the passenger air bag. This can be removed by opening the passenger door, and pulling outwards. You will need to disconnect the defog switch (if equipped) as well as the unused digital clock harness (only used in the Grand Marquis at this point).

Step 2 - Remove the HVAC controls and move them carefully to the side. There should be plenty of room to pull the unit out and slide it over. You should be able to see the lighter harness (circled in yellow)

Step 3 - The harness is attached to the console floor using a bracket/tree clip, pry this up and off the dash console frame to carefully remove it.

Step 4 - Compare the two harnesses (note the third wire and side-mounted bulb on the older harness):

2000-2002 Lighter Harness

1995-1999 Lighter Harness

Step 5 - Pull the ash-tray out and remove the lighter socket by unscrewing the inside. There's probably a special tool that's used for this, but you can get away with using a thick rubber handle from a pair of pliers to catch on the side. It rotates clockwise out, and the socket should just drop away. Below is the illluminated socket at night (not much to look at, I know):

NOTE - I've identified that on 2001-2002 (unable to verify in earlier years) that the power fed to the lead which illuminates the cigarette light is constant hot. This is not how the original wiring was implemented and will result in the lighter-bulb illuminated at all times, even when the car is off. Make sure you verify that the light is turned off when the vehicle is shut down. If the light stays on, you will need to splice this wire into the vehicle's switched power.

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