Description / Images of the 92-94 Ford Factory Cellular Phone!

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      In 1992, Ford offered an option for the Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car, that equipped the vehicle with an analog cellular phone. This special-order option was offered for four years from 1992-1994. For all 1992-1994 Ford "Panther" vehicles, the arm-rests were used for storage and this is where Ford decided to mount the cellular phone option. Using a custom-designed bracket by ProFit Accessories (SKU# 88828/ FO-52-92), the cellular phone would be mounted in either the drivers arm rest, or the passenger arm rest. This depended on year, and on Panther model. Shown above is a 1992-1994 Lincoln Town Car with the cellular phone mounted in the passenger side arm rest.

The phone was on a constant-hot, but needed to be powered on in order for it to send or receive phone calls. When in use, the arm rest clamshell could be opened, and the phone/mount would flip out extending the phone towards the dash. This served not only to keep the cell phone out of the way when not in use, but also to conceal it from would-be theives. The base unit (power pack and transmission device) was mounted in the trunk, typically on the passenger side.

NOTE: The below images came from an eBay auction that I was interested in. In the end, I decided against installing this option in my Crown Victoria due to the fact that cellular phones were quite popular by the time my 2002 was built, and it wouldn't have made any sense.

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