Factory Style Distributor Upgrade for V6 Fieros

 There is now a "factory" upgrade available for the Pontiac Fiero V6's ignition. The original Fiero V6 distributor consisted of a stator made up of a series of prongs. Over time, these prongs can bend and / or rust causing a poor connection. There exists a revised distributor which replaces this archaic design with a pointed "cog" wheel, if you will. (Shown in the picture below) The revised distributor design is built off the same distributor stamping so it appears to be 100% identical to the factory distributor when assembled. All existing Fiero electronics can be swapped to the new style distributor. As it stands, most new replacements ordered for the Fiero will be of this design. If you still have an original distributor and are looking for improved performance (engine smoothness / misfire reduction), consider getting a new distributor rather than rebuilding your old one. I would recommend keeping the old distributor for the next owner. You never know when the OEM piece might be valuable.


SIDE NOTE: Whoever took this original picture that I stole (before I labelled it), you are totally scratching the paint on your roof by putting these distributors up there. You should be ashamed of yourself! No real car guy would do such a thing!!!

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