Wiring / Vacuum Schematics for the Pontiac Fiero

 I don't really know where else to put these, but here are several wiring, hose, and tube schematics and routing diagrams for the Pontiac Fiero. These are schematics that I've found over the past few years while working on my Fiero. Hopefully they'll be as useful to you as they have been for me.

  - ALDL Pinout  The pin-out information for the ALDL connector on the Fiero (84-87, and 88)
  - Brake Line Routing 1  Routing diagram for all brake lines on the Fiero
  - Brake Line Routing 2  Routing diagram for the rear brake lines on the Fiero
  - Clutch Line Routing  Routing diagram for the hydraulic clutch line lines on the Fiero
  - V6 Distributor Info  Information on dissasembly, testing, and reassembly of the V6 Fiero distributor.
  - In-Dash Rally Computer  Diagram / Manual insert for the ultra-rare in-dash Fiero Rally Computer
  - V6 Starter Wiring  Wiring diagram / schematic for the starter motor on the V6 Fiero.

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