Abandoned 80s Mansion

     I've added this particular section to my "other" pages of the website because I find this property and it's history to be fascinating. The history is sketchy from what I can gather but I've attempted to piece it together as best as I know it. The first record of occupancy was back in 1933. I'm not sure exactly who lived there, but the best I can figure is that it was a much older home. The property was sold back in 1984 for $100! This includes a total of 10.25 acres. The mansion as we see it today was started early in 1986. This was under new owners as the property sold in 1986 for $225,000. It was at this time that the mansion took the form that you see in the pictures below.

     The story as I know it, goes like this. The property was purchased by a wealthy drug dealer back in the mid 80s. Purchased in 1986, he attempted to build a very stately mansion on this property. The property was apparently within 80% completion, when he was murdered. This took place at some point in 1988. The land remained in the ownership of the family until some point in 2002. Without that income, the estate was never completed and remains today more or less as it was in 1988. Below I will show various pictures from as many angles of the home as I could get. Some of them were taken from the appraisers web site, or from real estate agents. Beneath that, I will go into detail specifically about the house itself, and beneath that, I'll discuss the ownership changes.

     The entrance is probably one of the most dynamic aspects of the property. It consists of a grand formal entrance in front with an electric security gate. The gate opens to a small pond with a driveway that encircles it. This driveway then wraps around a grouping of trees as it circles back around to the front of the house's grand front steps. (figure 8 pattern) There is a secondary "service" entrance to the left of the property with a service road that goes down it's entire length. The service entrance also has a gate, as well as an additional security gate inside (half-way down) that opens to an additional driveway that leads to the detached 4-car garage. A few things to take note of is the design of the wall. This architecture was at the height of the 80s architectural reinvention. While missing from these pictures, all of the shorter columns had a white globe on it which lit up. (Click the images below to see larger versions)

Left Wall
Main Gate
Right Wall

Service Gate
Looking from Svc Gate
Through Fence on Left

     Below are some shots of the driveway once you were to get past the main gate in the front. I am takign these pictures by standing over the wall (I did not tresspass). (Click the images below to see larger versions)

Left Side, 1st Circle
Left Center, 1st Circle
Right Side, 1st Circle

Distant Left
Distant Center
Distant Right

     There are actually 4 structures on the property. The main building is the large "+" shaped building you see in the front from the main entrance. This is the main structure which contains two floors, as well as a full sized attic. It EVEN has an elevator. The right-hand side of the building is actually enclosed and apparently complete with rooms, bathrooms, and staircases. Behind the main structure is a "-" shaped building. It shares the same width as the primary structure in front of it, and is also mostly enclosed. These two buildings are separated by a large olympic sized swimming pool. The pool however has been filled in... probably to prevent law suites. You can see an aerial shot of it HERE (the fill washed away in 2002). Further down the property off to the side is a detached 4 car garage with it's own private entrance. In the rear of the property is an absolutely MASSIVE warehouse. This warehouse is complete with stables and an office.

Front Left
Rear Left