1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

     The story goes like this... my friend Trevor owned some property in Liberty City. He aquired this car a while back from one of his friends that no longer had a use for it. He let it sit on his property in Liberty City for quite some time until he finally got around to moving it. Below is the progress of taking the car from bland, to pimp. Don't forget to check out the song Trevor wrote in commemoration to the chop.

- What do you do with a 78 Eldorado that smells like stink, but doesn't go like stink?

So, my friend Trevor gets this 78 Eldorado from his friend. As you might have read above, it's been sitting for a while. The roof under the landau top was completely rotted through. The roof literally looks like Swiss cheese. Because of the leaks in the roof, the inside is basically a filthy cess pool of germs and rott. Pretty much every animal and insect you could possibly imagine (carrion and otherwise) has vomited, evacuated, or given birth in this interior. So what do you do with a car like this? No one wants to drive it around... so, in conversation I mentioned, "Maybe we should cut the roof off?" I was half-joking, but Trevor immediately rolled with it. Next thing I knew, we're making plans to chop the top!

- Here goes nothing!

In the pictures below, we started cutting the roof off the car. The only tools I had were a 4" angle grinder, a crow bar, and a fire axe from the ware house. This chop is taking place right behind First Class Sound & Video. It's best to look at these pictures while listening to "Final Countdown" by Europe. That's what we were doing... it was playing (loudly) in the background on a set of quad 15" subwoofers.

- Almost there!!!

Well, my angle grinder blew. In the picture you can see I'm driving away. I'm heading off to Home Depot to pick up a new angle grinder. I could have used a reciprocating saw, but I didn't know enough about cars at this point to realize it would have been a much better tool to use. I returned a short time later with a much larger, Makita angle grinder. In the picture it looks as if I have a huge mullet. It's quite funny, but my hair is actually really, really short (it's just the shadow that makes it look like I have hair).

- The top is off!!!

It's hard to believe this is the same car! The Cadillac is a completely different car now with the top off. It has a completely different personality. It's the kind of car that people look at and show distaste for, but really, they want it. My friend Trevor wrote up this wrap song for our band the Funky Munkyz to commemorate the removal of the Cadillac's roof. Click FM_FunkyRap.WAV to listen to the song.

- Update! The car was stolen!

So, my friend Trevor needed to find a place to store the Cadillac. Apparently the neighbors on his street didn't have the same appreciation for the car as we did. So... he parked the Caddy in one of his friends back yard. This particular friend is blind, but he intended to restore it. (The Caddilac ran fine, so I don't know what restoring he's talking about). Never the less, it was apparently stolen out of his back yard. Apparently, someone leaped over the fence, opened the gate from the inside (to make it seem like an inside job), charged the battery, filled up the tires, and drove it out of there without ANYONE knowing. The kid said he forgot to call the police, so... the Cadillac is officially gone. If you happen to have purchased this car (or are the person who stole it), and are feverishly searching the web to find the artist that sculpted the faux-convertible body... you've found him. Hope you enjoy it! With that... unless the Caddy magically appears in my driveway (I hope not), this will be the end of this blog (if you can really call it a blog).