I am about 4/5ths of the way through my undergraduate degree. I save nearly everything I hand in to my professors, on a USB flash drive. I quickly realized that with all the effort and time spent writing these papers, that I might as well share them with everyone else. All of these research papers, projects, and presentations received a 100%. I have removed my full name, as well as any contact information of other students that might have participated in them (for group projects). Make no mistake about it, these files are NOT meant to help you cheat on your research paper. The purpose for me putting these papers online is to give them new life. My goal is that hopefully someone writing a similar research paper will find them useful. You do not need to quote me unless you use a direct piece of text. Please reference the appropriate citations as listed at the bottom of each paper in the "Works Cited" section. I would like to re-iterate that these papers should not be used for plagiarism. I have submitted all of these papers to the various scholastic anti-plagiarism databases. If you copy this text without proper citation, they will be returned as plagiarized.

Thanks, Todd



The Past, Present and Future of Magnetic Hard Disk Technology

This paper explores the history, present, and future of magnetic disk media. The paper has a slight bias towards IBM due to the fact that they were pioneers in this technology at the time.

The Role of Outsourcing in Software Development

This paper delves into the intricacies of software outsourcing here in America. It begins by discussing early fears of software development leaving America. It discusses in great detail the reasons for software development outsourcing, the pros and cons, and ultimately, the solutions as they apply to specific projects. It ends with a prediction of future outsourcing.

The Past, Present, and Future of Computer Database Technology

This paper explores the history, present, and future of database technology. It begins with discussions about the three primary forms of database technology, Hierarchical, Network, and Relational. It then goes into detail about present technology, and the direction of new databse technology as predicted from 2010.

The Past, Present, and Future of Social Media

This paper explores the history, present, and future of social media. It begins with discussions about bulletin board systems, and finishes with discussion about 3D social media.

The Past, Present and Future of Wireless Networking

In this paper, I duscuss the past, present, and future of wireless networking. I begin by breifly discussing the theory of radiowaves, and finish with WiFiMax.

A Brief Study of Web Analytics

In this paper, I duscuss the current trend and technology associated with Web Analytics. The paper focuses primarily on Google Analytics.

Obesity and Culture in America

For this paper, I discuss the ramifications to American health from our culture that have developed over time. I discuss in detail the science behind the problem, as well as the behavioral isues that cause it.

The Order of the Knights Templar

This paper delves into the rich history of the Knights Templar. It goes into specific detail of the events which lead up to their creation (the Crusades) as well as the persecution, up through present time.

KINGS : 17-18

An analysis into the Book of Kings and the story of Elijah.

The History of Dutch Economics and Trade

This paper was actually submitted while I was still working towards my Associates Degree. Although I did get an A, it certainly is not up to the same standards as the other papers. However, there is some excellent information here as it pertains to Western European history, and the history of foreign trade.

Access / Database Project - Team Equipment Database

This was a VERY long project that described in technical detail, the steps needed to create a working equipment database in ACCESS.

Project Management - Project "Laboratory Upgrade"

This is an entire project complete with gantt charts, workflows, etc. It explains the entire procedural process to complete a laboratory software upgrade.