The following articles are broken out in this page by vehicle type. I've owned many different cars over the years, and have collected information on several of them. The articles range in topic from "how-to," to "lessons learned," to product recommendations. I'm sharing this information here for your benefit in hopes that my efforts over the years can provide some benefit to others. As the lawyers say, "Your viewing of this website is by your own accord. No warrantee or guarantee of success or failure is expressed or implied."

Note: Please keep in mind that many of the parts or accessories that I may refer to in the following articles, may no longer be available. That is because people in this hobby come and go, and many of the performance parts are no longer being produced. I am still including them however as you can likely find these parts in the junkyard, or on eBay and swap meets. Thank you!


The Fiero Online Service Guide - List of all Repairs / Maintenance / Upgrades for Fieros.

Fiero - List of Performance Upgrades - A list of upgrades to improve the performance of the V6 Fiero.

- - -

Fiero - Factory Color Codes - Complete list of all factory colors for Fieros.

Fiero - [4T60 / TH-440] 4-Speed Automatic - Transmission Gearing / Identification Information.

Fiero - Converting to a 4-Speed Automatic - Complete step by step and parts list.

Fiero - Converting to a manual transmission - Complete step by step and parts list (follow my progress).

Fiero - Distributor Upgrade - Revised factory-spec distributor upgrade for the Fiero V6.

Fiero - V6 MAP Upgrade - Upgrade for the original Fiero V6 Map Sensor.

Fiero - Belt Repair / Upgrade - Solutions for the squealing belt on V6 Fieros.

Fiero - Power Window + Locks / Upgrade - Guide to adding power windows and door locks to the Fiero.

Fiero - Herb Adams VSE "All Fired Up" - Article from Herb Adams on improving the Pontiac Fiero.

Fiero - Heater Core Replacement - Step by step guide to replacing the heater core in the Fiero.

Fiero - Chassis Torque Specifications - Torque numbers for the front and rear suspension on the Fiero.

Fiero - Wiring/Piping Schematics - Various wiring and hose/tubing schematics for the Pontiac Fiero.


Year-to-Year Changes - A detailed list of the year to year changes of the Crown Victoria platform.


P71 Trunk Mounting Guide - The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Trunk Equipment Mounting Guide.


List of Simple Upgrades - Here is a list of simple upgrades to improve the look / feel of your CV.


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Adding Memory Seats - Adding the 95-97 factory Memory Seat Option to all 98-02 Crown Victorias.


Aluminum P71 Driveshaft Swap - Adding the P71 Aluminum Driveshaft to any civilian Crown Victoria.


Anti-Sway Stabilizer Bar [Rear] - Adding a rear stabilizer bar to any 92-11 Crown Victoria.


Autolock & Horn Chirp Programming - Programming the autolock feature of your 2002 Crown Victoria.


Ballistic Door Panels - Information on the ballistic door panels for the Crown Victoria P71.


Courtesy Lighting Upgrade - Upgrade all 97-02 models with the improved 95-96 lighting.


Dark Mode - What is this blue connector under the dash of my Crown Victoria?


Factory Ford Cell-Phone - Pictures, etc., of the factory 92-94 Ford installed cellular phone.


Factory Jack Upgrade - Upgrade to the premium factory jack for 98-11 Crown Victorias.


Illuminated Lighter Socket Upgrade - Upgrade all 00-02 models with the socket lighting.


Performance Factory Stereo Installation - Drastically improve the sound of the factory stereo.


Police Roof Support - Adding the Police / P71 factory steel roof support bracket.


Radio Suppression Package - Description of the P71 optional Radio Suppression [53M] / Ground Straps.


Sound Deadening - Eliminate noise intrusion through sound deadening in your Crown Victoria.


Steering Wheel Removal - Steering wheel removal instructions for 98-04 Crown Victorias.


Underbody Security Lighting System - Upgrade all 92-11 models with the Underbody Lighting.


944 Reference Sensors - Inexpensive replacement for Porsche 944 reference sensors!.


Rear Window TSB - How to fix a leaking rear-window in a Pontiac Solstice.


Jack Points - Jack Points for the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky.